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(Visual Learning Style)

Children who are picture smart think in pictures more than words and need to create vivid mental images to remember and understand information. They like maps, charts, pictures, videos, and movies, so teaching with film may be helpful in their case.. They’re usually good at puzzles, have a strong sense of direction and like making and repairing things. Visual/Spatial learners can become navigators, sculptors, inventors, architects and interior designers, mechanics or engineers.

How They Learn: Children who are picture smart learn best by seeing what they are being taught. They will find that if they include images, mind maps, lists, and other visual techniques in their notes then they will have a better chance of remembering key information.

Click on the pictures to hear the word in French
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Sample Exercise
What We Do
Learning French and Spanish words visually.
We jump on our picture mat (above) to learn French and Spanish words.