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Movement Therapy for Special Needs Children

We offer Movement Therapy for children and young adults with mild to moderate physical/cognitive delays and disabilities such as Autism, Down Syndrome and ADHD. We use puppets, story telling, acting and movement extensively to teach specific subjects. We also use dance to teach coordination, body spatial awareness and physical intelligence.

Movement therapy helps children express through movement that which cannot be expressed through words or other more cognitive forms of expression. Dance is the most fundamental of the art forms and is idially suited for young children, especially children with special needs. It promotes socialization, emotional integration, increases attention span and helps children learn goal directed behavior.It gives them a sense of accomplishment by promoting creativity.

Movement Therapy rests on the principle that body and mind interact, so that a change in movement will affect a change in emotion. The teacher will mirror the child’s movement and create a bond on which the child-teacher connection develops. Improvisation in movement with the guidance of the teacher will evoke new ways of being in the child. Group activities support and stimulate social skills and by moving a ‘story’ children find a way to express feelings that would otherwise be repressed.

This Program is run under the supervision of Madeleine Kando, M.Ed., Director of the Children’s Arts Corner. She is a graduate of the Expressive Therapies Program at Lesley University, specializing in Movement Therapy as a form of intervention for Special Needs Populations. She has worked for many years as a Movement Therapist on staff at the New England Rehabilitation Hospital .

for more information please contact: madeleine@artscorner.com