Home Learning Through The Arts

Smartstarts Program

Pre-School and Grade-School

Children learn French or Spanish, Math, Science and Social Studies through Music, Dancing, Art, Drama and Pupppetry. Pre-Schoolers rotate between learning centers, depending on their preferred learning style. Grade-Schoolers also choose their preferred learning centers.  We also learn about different cultures through cooking! This is the perfect blend of learning and enjoyment!

Toddler program

In our Magic Garden class and Toddler French and Spanish classes we will give your child the best possible start in life. Communication gets stimulated through music and singing. Gross-motor skills through gym and creative movement and cognitive development through use of a variety of age-appropriate manipulatives. We also do puppet shows and art.


Are you looking for a summer program for your child, but would like it even better if it were a great educational experience too? In our Summer Program we offer activities you would find at a creative arts summer program – dance, music, drama, art and sports, plus we learn French or Spanish, Math, Science, History and more. Our summer program is a super-enrichment program! View the Summer Schedule

Movement Therapy

We offer Movement Therapy for children and young adults with mild to moderate physical/cognitive delays and disabilities such as Autism, Down Syndrome and ADHD. We use puppets, story telling, acting and movement extensively to teach specific subjects. We also use dance to teach coordination, body spatial awareness and physical intelligence.