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(Physical Learning Style)

Body smart children love to move. They like to make crafts, work with clay and finger paint. They have specific physical skills such as coordination, balance, dexterity, strength and flexibility. In other words, children who have are body smart tend to thrive with activities where they can be physical and move around. They tend to be active and athletic and often like working with their hands, taking things apart and put them back together.

How They Learn: Children who are body smart learn best by doing activities that involve movement, such as dance, crafts, sports, acting, and manipulating objects. They enjoy role-playing, simulations, and thrivein “handson” learning environments.

Sample Exercise
What We Do
Children learn geometry as shown in the image above.
1. acute angle.
2. obtuse angle.
3. circle
4. parallel lines
5. perpendicular lines.
Children move freely around the room. When the music stops, they freeze into a ‘geometric shape’. They also try to pair up with their geometric ‘shadow’.