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(Musical Learning Style)

Children who are music smart learn best through hearing things. They like to read to themselves out loud. They are not afraid to speak in class, are good at explaining and remember names. They follow spoken directions well. They cannot keep quiet for long periods and enjoy acting, being on stage. They enjoy creating andlistening to music and tend to think in sounds, rhythms and patterns. Many of these learners are extremely sensitive to environmental sounds. They often enjoy singing and whistling.

How They Learn: Children who are music smart learn best through hearing the information. They often need to read the written word aloud to help them remember key points. Verbal repetition is an effective means of study for auditory learners.

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Sample Exercise
What We Do
Learning Multicultural awareness through ethnic music styles.
We explore the quality of each music style and associate it with charactertistics of the culture. Irish music is typified by its tempo, Japanese music by its melody and Spanish music by its rhythm.