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Toddler French and Spanish

Research has shown that bilingual children have a superior ability to think and talk at an early age.  Why not give your child a better edge by encouraging it to learn another language?

We at the SmartstARTS Program, are especially interested in teaching small children because it is before the age of 3 that language is developed and it results in greater mental flexibility and broad-mindedness in solving human problems as adults.

Toddler French (2 1/2-4 yrs)

This is the perfect age to expose a child to a second language. Dancing, music, gross motor activities, puppetry and singing helps your child incorporate simple vocabulary and the sound system of the French and Spanish language while having fun and learning coordination and movement skills.

Toddler Spanish (2 1/2-4 yrs)

Numerous studies have demonstrated that it is not necessary to wait until a child already speaks a language to start teaching another one. Non-Spanish speakers will develop a sense for the new language after only a few classes and quickly distinguish it from the language they speak at home.