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French/Spanish Summer Program

Are you looking for a summer program for your child, but would like it even better if it were a great educational experience too? We have the activities you would find at a creative arts summer program – dance, music, drama, art and sports, plus we learn French or Spanish, math, science and social studies through the use of The Arts. Our summer program is a super-enrichment program!

In this unique program we combine learning FRENCH AND SPANISH with all the fun and excitement of dancing, singing, doing puppet shows, and painting. Songs, sports, creative dramatics, puppet shows, art, ballet and fairy tales are all used to stimulate the children’s interest in academics. They become knights and princesses and experience the magic of imaginative play as they learn a a foreign language and develop their creativity. Program meets five days a week but there is a three-day and a two-day option available. 6 year olds and up can come all day or just in the afternoon. Program participation is reserved in advance on a bi-weekly basis in order to better accommodate parents with their summer plans.

Program Themes:

July 6th – 17th: Amazing Animals

July 20th – Jul 31st: Fairies and Wizards

Aug 2nd -Aug 13th: The Secret Garden

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