Home Learning Through The Arts

Spanish with Mairim

Pre-school and Grade school (3-12 yrs)

Children have an enormous potential to learn. They can handle different languages at the same time and build confidence that lasts for a lifetime in a society immersed in cultural diversity. We help Preschoolers and Gradeschoolers alike grow their confidence with each class as they get familiar with sounds, basic social interaction and the hispanic culture and language. The class is also a fun practicing ground for those who have already been exposed to the Spanish language at home or on other occasions.

Toddler Spanish (2 1/2-4 yrs)

Numerous studies have demonstrated that it is not necessary to wait until a child already speaks a language to start teaching another one. Non-Spanish speakers will develop a sense for the new language after only a few classes and quickly distinguish it from the language they speak at home.

Spanish Family Fun

This class is for the entire family: a language and cultural immersion experience together. Exciting activities like music, dance, art, cooking and puppet shows involve the entire family in the learning process. Adults not only learn with the children but also acquire a wealth of ideas on how to continue the learning at home and speak together in the target language. Appropriate for both beginner and intermediate learners.