Home Learning Through The Arts

French and Spanish

In our French and Spanish Programs children play at learning. They draw, they sing, they move about, they invent stories…  So while your child is playing in our French and Spanish classes at fighting dragons and rescuing fair maidens, at pretending to be a ballerina or a pirate, your mind can be at rest knowing that they are actually working hard at learning a foreign language.

Children are born with a desire to play, pretend and experiment. All you need to do is put on a play with Madeline as the main character and they will love to learn French. We put on a puppet show about Dora la Exploradora and, presto, we have changed our class full of ‘gringos’ into a bunch of ‘muchachos y muchachas’.

Toddler French and Spanish

Research has shown that bilingual children have a superior ability to think and talk at an early age.  Why not give your child a better edge by encouraging them to learn another language? In our Toddler French and Spanish classes children are dancing, singing,  doing puppetry and art to help them incorporate simple vocabulary and the sound system of the French and Spanish language.

Summer SmartstARTS

Are you looking for a summer program for your child, but would like it even better if it were a great educational experience too? We have the activities you would find at a creative arts summer program – dance, music, drama, art and sports, plus we learn French or Spanish, math, science and social studies through the use of The Arts. Our summer program is a super-enrichment program!

Family Fun!

Taught by native speakers, these two classes provide the entire family– parents or grandparents and children — a language and cultural immersion experience together. Exciting activities like music, dance, art, cooking and puppet shows involve the entire family in the learning process. Adults not only learn with the children but also acquire a wealth of ideas on how to continue the learning at home and speak together in the target language. Appropriate for both beginner and intermediate learners.