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Welcome to SmartstARTS!

Welcome to the first season of our SmartstARTS Program. We are very excited to offer you this innovative approach to teaching academic skills through the use of the Creative Arts. The goal of the SmartstARTS Program is to educate your child as well as develop their creativity and desire to invent.

The Arts, humanity’s oldest body of resources for expression is vanishing from our children’s lives. At an age where children are at their peak for realizing their creative potential, which is usually in the pre-school and grade-school years, society denies them the most natural vehicle for expressing their feelings, ideas and fantasies, the use of the Creative Arts.

As a teacher of very young children, I learnt early on in my career that you cannot win children’s hearts and minds by boring them. They need to learn through play. Then they become active participants in the learning process and there is nothing more rewarding for a teacher then a child that is enthusiastic about her class.

But HOW do children play at learning? They draw, they sing, they move about, they invent stories… All of these tools we call ‘The Creative Arts’. Yes, through the Arts children express their feelings, ideas and fantasies and absorb vital information.

Have you ever noticed how hard a child works at learning how to tie their shoes? For them, the learning process is truly creative, and once the skill is mastered, it gives them tremendous satisfaction. And their motivation is not to please you, their parent, or anyone else. It is because they WANT to learn.

Their motivation comes from within and is not imposed on them, which is one of the conditions of true creativity: the goal of the activity is inside the activity itself and the reward is inherent in that activity. That is why we teach through the Creative Arts: to guarantee success in every little brain that walks through our doors.