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Who We Are

At the SmartstARTS Program we use all the Creative Arts to teach young children math, science, French and Spanish and social studies concepts. Music, dance, drama, puppetry.. they all become tools for learning.

The SmartstARTS Program was founded by Madeleine Kando, M.Ed. She is a graduate from Lesley College and was educated in France and Holland. Ms. Kando speaks five language fluently, holds a degree in linguistics and worked as a Registered Movement Therapist in Rehab for many years. She is the founder of The Children’s Arts Corner, a Creative Arts Program offering classes in Dance, Yorga, Gym and French and Spanish.

What We Do

We teach Math and Science through dance and singing, History through drama, Geometry through Art and Social Studies Through Storytelling. Children learn French and Spanshthrough song and dance. As we us the Arts to learn skills children need to prepare for academic excellence, we also learn how to dance, sing and draw!

Multiple cultures/ Multiple Intelligences

Children learn in many different ways, with each child having a preferred style. Children who like to talk and tell stories learn through words and language. If they like to dance, act, or are good at sports, they are physical learners. Musical children learn by singing and listening to sounds, while children who learn visually love to look at images and draw.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a successful approach to teaching young children by aknowledging the many ways they learn and absorb information. The use of the Multiple Intelligence Approach to learning is a perfect fit for a program whose student body includes so many different cultures, nationalities and background as ours.