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Who We Are: The SmartstARTS Program use all the creative arts to teach young children math, science, foreign language and social studies concepts. Music, dance, drama, puppetry.. they all become tools for learning. Read more..


Our classes are taught by a staff of artists and educators with masters-level degrees in their fields, who combine knowledge of child development with a love for the arts, a fascination with education, and, above all, a genuine enjoyment in working with children. Our classes are small, our teachers dedicated and caring.

The Children’s Arts Corner

The SmartstARTS Program is a subsidiary of THE CHILDREN’S ARTS CORNER, a Creative Arts Program located in Lexington, Massachusetts. The Program offers classes in ballet, tap, jazz, yoga, Toddler classes and French and Spanish classes. It was founded in 1986 by Madeleine Kando, MEd, Movement Therapist and a graduate of Lesley College. Ms. Kando was educated in France and Holland. She is a former member of the Chameleon Dance Company. She also holds a degree in linguistics and speaks five languages fluently.